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Onboard once and connect to many with Carrier Automate

As it stands Teams, Webex and Zoom have a combined 850M users. As part of this 26M are already voice activated. Despite the nuances that set these platforms apart, with Carrier Automate you only need to onboard once to connect to all of them.

With us you are able to roll out on multiple platforms at a fraction of the cost that it would take to self-build a single offering, at a rapid pace and with confidence.

As you can tell from it’s name, Carrier Automate is fully driven by the needs of you, the Carrier. Because of this we have made it simple and effective for Carriers of all sizes to integrate into multiple market leading, global UCaaS systems.


Zoom Phone provides a significant competitive edge

The benefits of Zoom integration for Service Providers

The benefits of integrating into Zoom Phone’s Provider Exchange can be split into four main categories.


  1. Simplified deployment – Integrating to Zoom affords service providers a simple deployment process. They can quickly and efficiently roll out their services. This means getting new seats onboarded on a short timescale.
  2. Increased revenue opportunities – The number of organizations that are recognizing the upsides of Unified Communications is skyrocketing. With Zoom Phone, Service Providers can tap into the growing demand for integrated voice.
  3. Limitless scalability – In terms of users, Zoom is experiencing over 100% growth year on year. Customers are clamoring for a single solution for all business communication needs and with Webex, Providers can cater to the smallest and the largest businesses.
  4. Expanded service offerings – Service Providers can offer a more comprehensive suite of communications with the inclusion of Zoom.

By integrating Zoom capabilities, Service Providers can expand their offerings and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. At the same time, customers benefit from a leading Unified Communications platform. Zoom simplifies collaboration, reduces costs, and enhances security.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, Zoom is a powerful tool that helps organizations stay connected, efficient, and agile.


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What to expect

Your Carrier Automate journey

From filling out the prerequisites to sales enablement and post-market support, here is what you can expect as you develop with Carrier Automate.

Ensure Scalability

The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, which is why scalability is one of the core pillars of Carrier Automate.

  • We keep our offering simple. Carrier Automate is one platform that connects multiple cloud UC options.
  • Our infrastructure is Carrier grade. We are best in class when it comes to quality, scalability, and reliability.
  • We mitigate risk for you. As we offer an end-to-end service, minimal investment is required, setting you up for success.

We offer powerful features, as standard. Some of our features include automated provisioning, extensive number management options, analytics, reporting, and emergency calling.