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The Carrier’s Guide to Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and Beyond is now available!

– Written by Joshua Moynehan

Whether you are at the start of your Teams Operator Connect journey or you are just wanting to make sure you are doing the right things, our newest eBook has you covered.

What’s in our guide?

The Carrier’s Guide to Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and Beyond doesn’t just give you insight into the meteoric rise of Teams. It also gives you a detailed step-by-step guide on exactly what you should be doing whilst pre-onboarding, during your integration, and after you place on the Operator Connect marketplace to ensure success. On top of this, we have also included exclusive insights from our experts with a combined experience of over 70 years in the field. Our detailed guide doesn’t just stop with Microsoft. With our eBook, you can delve into the world of multiCaaS.


Who is our guide for?

Our guide is for Carriers of all shapes and sizes. Inside you will learn:

  • What Operator Connect is and where it is going
  • How you can avoid being left in Microsoft’s wake
  • How you can successfully create your own Operator Connect offering
  • How you can integrate into multiple UCaaS and ultimately future-proof your product


Get the guide today!

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