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– Written by Helen Johnstone

Dstny’s Carrier Automate platform enables Operator Connect Accelerator for Service Providers

London 30th June 2022

Dstny Automate (previously Qunifi Limited), a global leader in Microsoft integrations, is launching support for Operator Connect Accelerator, enabling service providers to rapidly deliver telecom services to Microsoft Team.  The solution is part of the company’s global BYOC aggregation platform ‘Carrier Automate’ and is being delivered in concert with Dstny Automate’s partnership with Ribbon .

Dstny Automate is already a market leader in Microsoft Teams integration, having successfully  delivered its Call2Teams service to multiple unified communication providers and thousands of enterprises globally. As a result of this experience, Dstny Automate’s specialists are in a unique position to deliver the depth of automation demanded by Microsoft for its Operator Connect services. The result is a solution that accelerates a carrier’s time to market and time to revenue for Microsoft Teams or similar offerings.

Carrier Automate leverages Ribbon’s recently announced Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Operator Connect offering. Ribbon & Dstny Automate previously announced their strategic partnership to develop Ribbon Connect. The collaboration includes incorporating the Ribbon Connect solution into Dstny’s Carrier Automate platform so their customers can rapidly adopt Operator Connect.

“Enabling Operator Connect-based services is a key strategic initiative for service providers globally,” said Tony Scarfo, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cloud & Edge Business Unit at Ribbon Communications. “Ribbon & Dstny have already established a technology partnership to deliver services for this market, and we’re delighted to be extending that partnership to a marketing and sales relationship. The combined solution will give Dstny’s growing customer base access to a compelling solution for Operator Connect that accelerates the growth of providers’ Microsoft Teams offerings.”

Carrier Automate is built from the ground up to offer dramatically enhanced tools for sales enablement. The platform’s upfront focus on customer engagement closes a critical gap for carriers struggling to reduce legacy sales processes that are too slow and/or require too much labour to get prospects engaged and on-board. Carrier Automate’s portals and digital workflows simplify the end-to-end process of managing a customer’s Microsoft Teams environment, and the same platform can be leveraged to integrate with other UCaaS platforms. The latter assures a consistent experience for a carrier’s employees and its customers, across their UCaaS offerings. These new Carrier Automate solutions are being sold via Dstny Automate partners, and via the wider Dstny Group.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Ribbon and leveraging Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect as new element of our Carrier Automate solution. The two companies have developed a strong technology relationship that allows us to deliver Operator Connect Accelerator services to all of Dstny’s current and future customers. The Dstny Automate team has the benefit of the experience we’ve gained through our work with OSS/BSS integration at over 50 carriers around the world” said Mark Herbert, Dstny Automate’s co-founder, and Head of Partner Innovation. “We can rapidly help carriers deliver telecom offerings via Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, in just a few weeks. And, use that same platform for other UCaaS offerings.”

Carrier Automate is significantly less expensive than creating an in-house solution, whilst providing the very best technical advice and guidance from within the Ribbon Communications and Dstny Automate teams. Experience which amounts to decades of cloud-based management services focused on driving UCaaS and Microsoft-integrated voice services.

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