Cloud Connect for Webex Calling

Carrier Automate is an Enablement Provider

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Available globally 

Certified infrastructure and expertise to accelerate PSTN access for Webex Calling

Webex’s Cloud Connect deployment model requires carrier-grade IP Peering, using high-availability infrastructure.

Carrier Automate, in partnership with Ribbon Communications, provides both the certified infrastructure and expertise to enable service providers to offer their telecom services for Webex Calling.

By utilizing Enablement Providers, Operators are able to accelerate their route to market, rapidly delivering cloud PSTN access for Webex Calling customers and Cisco VARs.

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Rapidly enable Webex Calling

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Revenue is at risk

  • Providers need to act expeditiously to protect their market.
  • Otherwise, enterprise IT staff may simply “shop” the available Calling Providers on to get telecom services – leaving you out of the picture.

Realize the opportunity now

  • Webex’s reputation for best-in-class enterprise features enhanced with AI-driven capabilities, 3rd party integrations, and award-winning devices has attracted the attention of businesses globally.
  • Webex Calling is the right answer for these global organizations.

It is great to be able to announce the addition of Webex Calling to our portfolio, a global leader in Unified Communications Services.

We see ourselves, together with our partners at Ribbon Communications, well-placed to make the most of this opportunity for our partners. Our team of experts, I believe, represents the best in the industry, with decades of cloud-based management and integrated voice expertise.

The addition of Webex Calling means our Carrier Automate platform can start to truly address the changing market and the increased demand for BYOC to the chosen customer endpoint.

Mark Herbert, Head of Partner Innovation, Dstny Automate